Indigenous rights controversies around Belo Monte consume Brazilian judicial system [Brazil]

Author: Amazon Watch, International Rivers, Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA), Published on: 11 September 2013

… Recent lawsuits by Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutors (MPF) concerning the Belo Monte dam are demanding accountability from the dam-building Norte Energia consortium, Brazil’s National Development Bank (BNDES), and the state environmental agency IBAMA for noncompliance with mandated mitigation measures concerning the Juruna and Xikrin Kayapó, two indigenous groups affected by the mega-project…The Federal Court of Pará State responded this week by giving Norte Energia 60 days to purchase the Juruna land and deliver health care or face daily fines of R$200,000 (US$87,000)…Antonia Melo, coordinator of the Xingu Alive Forever Movement...[said:] “There is no fresh water, no electricity, no health care, no schools and no sanitation... IBAMA must suspend construction…until these conditions are met ."...

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