Investors have key role in making renewable energy transition both fast and fair

23/7/19 - Phil Bloomer, Executive Director at BHRRC, and Fiona Reynolds, CEO Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Phil Bloomer and Fiona Reynolds lay out practical steps for renewable energy investors to help prevent human rights abuse.

This article was published in Responsible Investor on 18th July 2019.

Green investments that support our transition to a low-carbon economy are urgently necessary for the health of both climate and people. The race to increase production of and access to renewable energy is central to this global transition, but so is improving human rights in the process. 

Investors can play a leading role in highlighting human rights risks and in urging investees to develop robust processes to identify and address them in their renewable energy operations. If investors take up this opportunity, they can help protect both the planet and people, and create a more just, safe, and sustainable world. 

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