Is ethanol starving Africa?

Author: Amar Toor, Verge, Published on: 19 September 2013

...[E]thanol and other biofuels have come under increased criticism…with some questioning their long-term environmental benefits, and others linking them to…food shortages in the world's poorest countries... ActionAid…[has] lashed out at Addax Bioenergy [part of Addax & Oryx Group] …accusing the Swiss company of engaging in a biofuels “land grab” that has diminished food supplies and harmed the livelihoods of locals in…Sierra Leone… ActionAid also claims that Addax’s lease contracts were signed without the involvement of local communities… Addax has vehemently denied ActionAid's allegations…Addax also contests allegations that leases...were signed without transparency…"There is evidence that many communities have a better livelihood, more income at household level and more children attending school than before," the company said in an open letter to ActionAid...

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