Japan: Recruiter ranks foreign trainees' "morality" and "learning ability" by nationality


As the Japanese parliament was set to adopt legislation providing for foreign "trainee" workers in the caregiving industry, the Cooperative Association for International Operation Research, an officially recognised recruiting organisation for foreign trainees, posted a table on its site ranking the "potential" of foreign trainees by nationality. This table gave each nationality points on categories such as "morality", "learning ability", and whether the dominant religion would be acceptable in Japanese care homes. The organisation was subject to fierce criticism and deleted the table from its website within days.  

The Japanese foreign trainee programme has been heavily criticised since its inception as a hotbed for abuse by domestic and international NGOs, UN human rights bodies, and even the US State Department.

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27 November 2016

Japan: Recruiter criticized over list ranking foreign trainees by nationality

Author: Shusuke Murai, Japan Times

... It gave 18 out of 20 points to trainees from Myanmar in the “caregiver qualification” category, while giving the lowest 10 points to trainees from Cambodia. The organization says the score was based on whether the trainees have the mindset to offer sincere care or respect elders. It also gave 20 points to Myanmar in the “gap in wages” category, while giving four points to Thailand. The category identified differing economic gaps between trainees’ homes and Japan, suggesting that those with larger income gaps would be “less likely to give up their work even in hard conditions,” the guide explained. Ippei Torii, head of Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan, a support group for foreign workers, said the list represents the real intention of Japanese companies in general, which see the foreign trainee program as a source of cheap labor. ...

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Author: 東京新聞


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