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19 January 2012

[video] Airline wheelchair limit raises Disability Discrimination questions [Australia]

Author: John Taylor, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In the year of its 20th anniversary, the Federal Disability Discrimination Act is under scrutiny thanks to a 78-year old woman [Sheila King, disability advocate] taking on an airline policy of not flying more than two people in wheelchairs on the same...

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3 June 2013

Jetstar refuses flight to disabled woman, saying she couldn't understand instructions [Australia]

Author: Alison Wood, Daily Telegraph (Australia)

Ashley Papworth [diagnosed with cerebral palsy]…was travelling from Brisbane to Newcastle to visit her family, but was barred from the flight because cabin crew thought she was unable to understand what they were saying. Ms Papworth uses a wheelchair...

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5 July 2013

Qantas Embroiled in Disability Humiliation Row [Australia]

Author: Disability Directory (Australia)

A woman with severe reduced mobility alleges Qantas personnel at Canberra airport humiliated her despite having duly pre notified the airline of her needs…Upon check in her electric wheelchair, personnel on duty told her she could not carry the spare...

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14 June 2014

Jetstar business model leaves Jim Conway stuck in wheelchair [Australia]

Author: Lisa Visentin, Age (Australia)

…Mr Conway and his wife Helen Martin were left feeling "frustrated" and "powerless", after he was unable to board a flight to Melbourne in April because…[Jetstar] did not have measures in place to transfer him safely into his seat…The couple indicated...

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14 November 2014

Australia: Activist calls on Jetstar to go beyond law after alleged disability discrimination case

Author: Roberto Castiglioni, Reduced Mobility Rights (UK)

"Jetstar disability discrimination case exposes Australia ugly side", 13 Nov 2014...

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