Kenya: 300 families say they have agreed with govt. agency on relocation to pave way for airport construction

Author: Business Daily (Kenya), Published on: 19 June 2017

"300 families move to withdraw from Malindi Airport land eviction case"

About 300 families in Kwachocha have moved to court to withdraw orders stopping the eviction and compensation process for the Sh5.6 billion expansion of Malindi International airport. They claimed that they are not part of Mtangani Development group that obtained orders last month stopping land surveying and property valuation on the airport expansion lands.

Last month, Justice James Olola issued orders restraining the Kenya Airport Authority, the National Lands Commission (NLC), the Attorney General and Police from forcefully evicting the residents. This comes seven months after the government disbursed Sh300 million for compensation to the National Land Commission (NLC), with the land survey and property evaluation ongoing. However, 300 families in Kwachocha have now urged the government through the NLC to speed up the compensation to enable them begin new life in a different land.

Mr Ibrahim Ndaa, a resident of Kwachocha said they are withdrawing from the case following a consensus between them and Mtangani CBO representatives at the Deputy County Commissioner's office. “It was done through consent from both parties with consultation from the Assistant County Commissioner and lawyer Stephen Obaga for the Matangani residents and they agreed to exclude us,” he added.

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