Kenya: Protesters picket outside restaurant for alleged discrimination against breastfeeding customer; includes company's comments

Author: Aggrey Omboki, Daily Nation (Kenya), Published on: 16 May 2018

"Olive restaurant in Nairobi sorry over breastfeeding gaffe"

The management of Olive Restaurant in Nairobi has been forced to apologise for allegedly ordering a woman to breastfeed her baby in a washroom away from other customers. Mr Moses Wambua, a manager, issued the apology on Tuesday after an outraged group of women marched to the restaurant in protest.His action came in the wake of social media storm regarding claims made by a woman who visited the restaurant on Sunday. The mother, who had started breastfeeding the child, was allegedly ordered by waiters to go and complete the feeding in a washroom, away from the curious glances of other customers.

Sensing danger as the demonstrating women approached the establishment, the restaurant staff hurriedly closed the doors. No fracas was witnessed in the peaceful picketing that lasted for hours. The demonstrators' message was simple and clear: Mr Wambua was at pains to explain that the popular Accra Road restaurant did not discriminate against lactating mothers, saying breastfeeding was normal.  We don't care about women covering up while breastfeeding or not. They can even change their babies in the boss' office," he said. “We are very sorry if indeed this incident happened as we did not know until we learned about it on social media," he said.

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