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1 January 2006

[PDF] When in China: Encounters with Human Rights

Author: Amnesty International, Dutch Section

China is a country with many restrictions on fundamental freedoms and with human rights violations. They will not always be obvious for the accidental traveller, the tourist, the businessman, the sportswoman. This paper will guide those who visit China...

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6 September 2005

[DOC] Response of Clarks UK to concerns regarding labour conditions at Kingmaker Footwear's Zhuhai, China, Factory

Author: Clarks UK

We have already been in contact with China Labour Watch to tell them of our sourcing policy. We have a clear strategy for working with our shoe suppliers. We have had all of them audited by an independent auditing company "Bureau Veritas" ...When we...

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31 August 2005

[DOC] Response of Skechers USA to concerns regarding labour conditions at Kingmaker Footwear’s Zhuhai, China, Factory

Author: Philip Paccione, Executive Vice-President & General Counsel, Skechers USA

...upon receipt of [recent] correspondence [alleging labour problems at Kingmaker footwear], we immediately requested independent third party audits of our contract manufacturers including Kingmaker. We have also asked certain manufacturers to answer...

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Company response
30 August 2005

Response of Kingmaker Footwear to concerns regarding labour conditions at its Zhuhai, China, factory

Author: Phillip Kimmel, Marketing Director of Kingmaker Footwear

...Kingmaker is currently undergoing a complete restructuring, aimed at addressing working conditions in a timely and appropriate way. This will be accomplished by initiating an all encompassing "Kingmaker Code of Conduct" to be employed throughout our...

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9 August 2005

China: Kingmaker Footwear allegedly deceives workplace monitors, hides poor working conditions - supplies Clarks & Skechers

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9 August 2005

Footwear Supplier in China Creates Web of Deceit to Cover Up Labour Abuses

Author: International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation (ITGLWF)

Footwear retailers Clarks and Skechers have been asked to address labour rights violations at a Taiwanese-owned footwear supplier [Kingmaker Footwear] in Guangdong in China which systematically hides its violations in ways that make corporate codes of...

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1 June 2005

[PDF] The Kingmaker Company’s Factory in Zhuhai, China: Stolen Wages, Unfair Labor Practices

Author: China Labor Watch

Kingmaker Zhuhai manufactures footwear products for several shoe companies, including Clarks and Skechers...In order to speed up production, supervisors often verbally harass workers...sometimes even beating workers...Work-related injuries are not...

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18 April 2005

[DOC] Timberland statement in response to allegations by China Labor Watch regarding working conditions at Kingmaker Footwear factory (China)

Author: Timberland

Timberland has a 3-step approach to engagement with factory management: 1) We identify issues and ask the supplier to remedy. 2) If the supplier does not improve in the given amount of time, we offer resources in order to help them meet the...

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21 March 2005
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Author: Europa Press

Las ONG con sede en Estados Unidos China Labor Watch (CLW) y National Labor Comittee (NLC), junto con la francesa Novéthic, han reiterado sus denuncias acerca de las violaciones de los derechos laborales que sufren los trabajadores de uno de los...

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16 March 2005
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Author: Sylvie Touboul, Novethic

Dans un rapport accablant, [China Labor Watch] décrit les violations des droits de l'homme que subissent les ouvriers employés par un sous-traitant de la marque [Timberland] en Chine, Kingmaker Footwear. De quoi relancer le débat sur le crédit à...

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