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4 December 2006

KOGAS (Korea Gas Corporation) did not respond to: Earthrights Intl. calls on sponsors of Shwe gas pipeline to conduct environmental & human rights impact assessments; 15 Korean NGOs raise concerns about project.

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20 November 2006

Myanmar: In harm's way - A proposed pipeline in Myanmar has farmers worried about their land and human rights activists up in arms

Author: Daniel Pepper, Fortune

The Indian government is proposing the construction of a pipeline running from the Shwe gas fields 20 miles off Myanmar's coast overland to India...experts say gas could begin pumping by 2009...The field is being developed by South Korea's Daewoo...

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15 November 2006

[PDF] [Text of letter from South Korean NGOs demanding Daewoo International, KOGAS (Korean Gas Corporation) and the Korean government to protect labor, human rights and environmental rights for the Shwe Gas Development Project in Burma]

Author: Fifteen So. Korean human rights, labour & civil society organizations

On the Third International Action Day against Shwe Gas Development Project in Burma, we demand the following...We strongly urge that Daewoo International, KOGAS and the Korean government should immediately look into the current situation of labor,...

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11 July 2006

Korean, Indian firms urged to withdraw from Myanmar

Author: Reuters

Myanmar activists urged a Korean-Indian consortium on Wednesday to quit an offshore gas project they fear could lead to human rights abuses and prop up the military junta with billions of dollars in royalties. Shwe Gas Movement...called on the venture...

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1 July 2006

Human rights groups call on Daewoo Intl. consortium to withdraw from Burma - Daewoo says still at exploration stage, too early to discuss human rights concerns

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1 July 2006

[PDF] full report: "Supply and Command - Natural Gas in Western Burma set to entrench military rule"

Author: Shwe Gas Movement

[Report focuses on Shwe gas project operated by a consortium of: Daewoo International, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India, Gas Authority of India, Korean Gas Corporation. Also refers to international companies "that are or have been operating in...

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8 March 2006

Shwe Gas Project in Burma: Recent Developments

Author: EarthRights International

The Shwe Gas Project...will be Burma's largest gas development project ever in terms of gas reserves, potential revenue, and the number of people that could be adversely affected...[The] project is unfolding with no local participation and no...

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23 January 2006

Going Nowhere

Author: Michael Schuman, TIME Asia

By doing business with Burma, Asian countries help its brutal military regime stay in power—while the Burmese people remain trapped in a time warp of poverty, oppression and economic misrule... China exports household appliances, chemicals and...

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8 November 2005

Companies linked with Burma

Author: Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Updated on Tuesday, November 08, 2005. This list is not exhaustive. We are ready to correct any factual errors which it may contain. As we receive information on further companies which are active in Burma we will approach them in the same way and,...

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19 October 2005

The International Day of Action Against the Shwe Gas Pipeline: A Global Success

Author: Earth Rights

On October 14, 2005 activists in cities around the world protested the Shwe gas project in western Burma. With one voice, activists...stood up for human rights and environmental protection, protesting Daewoo International and the state-owned Korea Gas...

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