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2 December 2019

Open letter from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls on States at COP25 to ensure climate actions respect human rights

Author: Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

I call on States to be mindful of their commitment to respect, promote and consider their respective human rights obligations when taking climate action  to 1) renew and revise their nationally determined contributions (NDCs), 2) develop the rules for implementation of article 6 of the Paris Agreement and 3) address loss and damage [addressing the harms of climate change in an equitable manner].

I urge you to negotiate guidelines [under article 6] that are consistent with fundamental human rights....We have seen that projects are better designed and more sustainable when affected people, local communities and indigenous peoples are consulted, and safeguards and accountability mechanisms are in place.

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4 November 2019

Chile pulls out of hosting COP25 climate talks amid civil unrest

Author: Karl Mathiesen and Chloé Farand, Climate Home News

Chile’s president Sebastian Piñera announced the country would not host the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting or the Cop25 climate talks on [30 October]... UN Climate Change said they were “currently exploring alternative hosting options”...[T]he Chilean government said it would continue to preside over the Cop25 negotiations until it passes on the baton to the UK ahead of next year’s meeting...  A state of emergency was declared in Chile [in October 2019] after... [p]rotesters denouncing social inequality and the privatisation of social services were met with violent repression by Chilean police and armed forces. Last week, CHN reported that 18 people had been killed in the violence... UN high commissioner for human rights and former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet said she would investigate allegations of human rights violationsThe climate talks... had already been moved once after Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro withdrew Brazil as host.

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