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18 June 2010

The 'Blood Diamond' Resurfaces [Angola]

Author: Michael Allen, Wall Street Journal [subscription required]

International pressure helped end a vicious civil war [in Angola]…by strangling the ability of rebels to trade diamonds for weapons. Angola is now a leading member of the…Kimberley Process... But a visit to Angola's diamond heartland reveals that...

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Company non-response
1 October 2008

Lazare Kaplan did not respond to: Report says mining companies' arbitrary seizure & destruction of farmlands causing widespread hunger & deepening poverty.

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4 September 2008

[DOC] Presentation to the 4th session of the UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries, New York, 4 September 2008

Author: Annabel Short, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

The human rights challenges posed by the increasing privatization of security are immense. Yet in some respects the space for addressing these challenges is opening up. High-profile incidents such as the 16 September 2007 killings involving...

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30 July 2008

[PDF] Harvesting hunger in Angola's diamond fields

Author: Rafael Marques

For the past year, I have been paying special attention to a new trend of violations, consistently committed by Sociedade Mineira do Cuango (joint venture ITM-Mining, Endiama, Lumanhe)...The new trend [of seizing and destroying fields where crops are...

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19 June 2008

[PDF] A fair approach to human rights

Author: Alison Maitland, Financial Times

...Greg Regaignon, a human rights researcher, headed into New York City for breakfast at Tiffany’s. Michael Kowalski, chief executive...had invited him in to discuss its revised position on acquiring gems from Burma...the Business and Human Rights...

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26 January 2007

[DOC] Rinsing the Blood from Angola’s Diamonds

Author: A public seminar by Rafael Marques at the Oxford University Africa Society

...I am here to share with you a reality of blood, and contempt for human rights, in the diamond fields of Cuango {in Angola]...The private security companies, which effectively control the territory, on behalf of the diamond industry, have established...

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29 November 2006

[DOC] Angola: The New Blood Diamonds

Author: Rafael Marques, public seminar at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London

...people from the diamond rich-areas of the Lundas, in North-eastern Angola, have trusted me with their personal stories as victims of systematic violence, humiliation and deprivation of their basic rights to survive. Diamonds are the cause of their...

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18 October 2006

[DOC] Business & Human Rights Resource Centre highlights reported abuses in Angola’s diamond industry and obtains company responses

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre...invites responses from companies when serious allegations of misconduct are made. This process helps ensure our work is balanced and encourages companies to publicly address concerns. Below is a recent...

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27 September 2006

"Angola: The New Blood Diamonds" - a public seminar by Rafael Marques

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27 September 2006

Responses by diamond companies to report on abuses related to diamond mining in Cuango, Angola

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

In September 2006, independent journalist Rafael Marques published his report "Operation Kissonde: the diamonds of humiliation and misery"... The report raises serious concerns about killings, torture, beatings & other abuses by security companies...

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