Lebanon: Companies boost equality in the workplace

Lebanese law currently allows women to take up to 10 weeks paid maternity leave and men to take just three days off, but this falls far short of the recommended six months. Moreover, the paternity leave policy is reportedly neither applied nor enforced consistently on private sector.

Contrasting with the perceived lack of government action on paternity and maternity leave, Diageo and Zomato have both stepped in to offer their employees in Lebanon maternity and paternity leave far surpassing the statutory minimums. From July 2019, Diageo offered a fully paid 26 week maternity leave and a 'significant Paternity Leave for new fathers', although the precise length of time was not disclosed. Similarly, Zomato also now offers its employees universal paid parental leave, with a minimum of 26 weeks to both men and women.

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2 August 2019

Another Company is now offering Paid Parental Leave in Lebanon!

Author: Ranim Salman, The 961 (Lebanon)

After Diageo last week, implementing parental leave for both parents, it is now Zomato that comes under our spotlight for its conscious initiative in that regard. Zomato has actually started implementing its new parental policy in June to grant that basic right for both new mothers and fathers in their employment... all of Zomato's employees throughout 24 countries are now eligible for a universal paid parental leave, with a minimum of 26 weeks to both men and women. This policy also applies to non-birthing parents in cases of surrogacy and adoption... the new parents at Zomato will also benefit from an endowment of $1000 per child (aka, x2 if twins) as they welcome their new baby to the world. These benefits of parental leave and endowment will also be available to employees who have had already a newborn within the last 6 months.

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29 July 2019

This Company in Lebanon is Offering Paternity Leave!

Author: Marian Mezher, The 961 (Lebanon)

Lebanese law in regard to paid Maternity Leave entitles women in the workforce to ten weeks instead of the previous seven weeks. While that small extension was welcomed, it is still falling short of the minimum requirement of six months for the infant to be developed enough so the mother could resume her job... Lebanese fathers of infants do not benefit from Paternity Leave in the private sector... The new generation of Lebanese fathers has recognized the importance of their participating role... They do want to be fully available for them as it is the case in most countries. However, there hasn't been any serious consideration from the lawmakers and the corporations... Starting early July, Diageo has implemented a significant Paternity Leave for new fathers, which quite frankly is a foreign concept in Lebanon. This policy has been enforced in all their companies around the world, and for all the new fathers regardless of how long they have been working for the company. They also offer the mothers a fully paid 26-week paid leave, which is 15 weeks more than the applied law in Lebanon.

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