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Lesotho: Brands, trade unions and women's rights organisations sign binding agreement to tackle gender-based violence

Author: Solidarity Center, Published on: 15 August 2019

"Pact Combats Gender Violence in Lesotho Factories", 15 August 2019

...Five Lesotho-based trade unions and women’s rights organizations, as well as...Worker Rights Consortium, Solidarity Center and Workers United, have signed a set of...agreements with Nien Hsing Textile and Levi Strauss & Co., The Children’s Place, and Kontoor Brands to address GBVH at five factories owned and operated by Nien Hsing Textile...

 ... Each brand agreement will operate in tandem with a separate agreement among Nien Hsing Textile and the trade unions and women’s rights organizations to establish an independent investigative organization to receive complaints of GBVH from workers, carry out investigations and assessments, identify violations of a jointly developed code of conduct and direct and enforce remedies in accordance with the Lesotho law. The program will also involve extensive worker-to-worker and management training, education, and related activities...

... the brands and the local organizations agreed to appoint representatives to serve on an Oversight Committee for the program, with equal voting power. Nien Hsing Textile and the Worker Rights Consortium will each have observer status on the Oversight Committee...

...Should there be any material breach by Nien Hsing Textile of its agreements...each brand has committed to reduce production orders until Nien Hsing returns to compliance.

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