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9 September 2008

The wrong message to Israel

Author: Abe Hayeem, The Guardian [UK]

...the decision by the British government to rent space for our new embassy in Tel Aviv from the Africa-Israel...company chaired by businessman Lev Leviev sends precisely the wrong message. Leviev...who recently became a UK resident, is also a major...

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19 June 2008

UNICEF Rejects Support From Israeli Billionaire Known for Constructing Settlements on Palestinian Lands

Author: Adalah-NY, The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East

A senior advisor to UNICEF’s Director said in a letter today that UNICEF will reject all partnerships with, or financial support from...Lev Leviev...Leviev’s past support for UNICEF is featured in a number of places on his company’s website...UNICEF’s...

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19 June 2008

[PDF] A fair approach to human rights

Author: Alison Maitland, Financial Times

...Greg Regaignon, a human rights researcher, headed into New York City for breakfast at Tiffany’s. Michael Kowalski, chief executive...had invited him in to discuss its revised position on acquiring gems from Burma...the Business and Human Rights...

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19 June 2008

[PDF] [UNICEF letter to Adalah-NY]

Author: UNICEF

Yesterday we confirmed that UNICEF has concluded that it will not consider partnerships - direct or indirect - with Mr. Lev Leviev or any of his corporate entities, and will not accept financial or other support that we know is from him or his...

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30 April 2008

Israeli jeweller has no trade licence to open shop in Dubai

Author: Abbas Al Lawati, Gulf News

No trade licence has been granted to open Israeli jewellery store Leviev in Dubai contrary to claims by Leviev and its agent in Dubai, said a top official at the Department of Economic Development...Lev, an Uzbek-Israeli, is accused of profiteering...

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9 March 2008

Guilt-free diamonds: beyond blood to human rights [Canada/USA]

Author: Matt Kennard, Greatreporter.com

Since agreements now assure that most diamonds come from non-conflict zones, activists also want buyers to consider human rights abuses, low wages, slave labor and a host of other egregious practices that still take place in non-conflict mining...

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28 January 2008

Lev Leviev’s response to Adalah-NY rejoinder

Author: Lev Leviev Group of Companies

At this time, the Lev Leviev Group of Companies does not have an additional statement. However, please note the corrected version of the Lifestyles piece (mentioned by Adalah), which correctly lists the groups and institutions that have been recipients...

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23 January 2008

[DOC] Adalah-NY rejoinder to Lev Leviev’s response

Author: Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East

Yet again, Leviev's response to evidence of his responsibility for causing suffering appears to follow a pattern of avoidance, refusing to address serious concerns about some of his business practices...While Adalah-NY is aware of examples of Leviev's...

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21 January 2008

Ma’ariv: Leviev Boasts A Contribution That Never Existed

Author: Translation by Adalah-NY of article by Gal Karniel, Ma’ariv On-Line [Israel]

Lev Leviev...volunteered misleading information regarding the destination of his charitable donations...Lifestyles Magazine conducted an interview with...Leviev...[who mentioned a] donation to Oxfam...Adalah-NY addressed Oxfam in a letter dated January...

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15 January 2008

"Conflict-free" diamonds don't necessarily respect all human rights, say "ethical diamond" industry leaders

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