Malawi: Mediation team resolves that Globe Metals & Mining compensate locals affected by its exploration activities

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5 September 2018

Update on the mediation between Kanyika community and Global Metals and Mining Company

Author: Paul Mvula, Church & Society Program (Malawi)

Today the 31st August, 2018, mediation of Kanyika mining case has started in Mzuzu high court. In my view, it has started on a good note. All parties to the case were present. These included Kanyika community members, Office of the Attorney General, Global Metals and Mining Company and their lawyers – Savjani and Company and the Ministry of Mines. Church and Society Programme observed all the deliberations. Among other concerns raised by Kanyika Community in their writ of summons, for a start, parties have agreed on a few of them. One such critical issue was that  - whosoever had his / her land disturbed during the exploration phase by Global Metals and mining Company needed to have been compensated.

In case some were not compensated, Global Metals and Mining Company need to compensate such households / individuals. Kanyika Community has been asked to compile a list of all such households / individuals who were not compansated. It came out clearly that some households / individual were subjected to exploration activities and did not get any compensation. Parties will meet again on 15th November, 2018 at Mzuzu high court to seal this agreement but also continue to discuss other unresolved issues. One such issues that will be under the discussion is under paragraph 15 in the writ of summons. 

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3 September 2018

Kanyika and Globe Metals compensation case, mediation starts on good note

Author: Wanangwa Mtawali, Nyasa Times (Malawi)

Hearing of a case in which the people of Kanyika in northern Malawi's district of Mzimba sued Global Metals and Mining (Africa) to recover damages and compensation arising from extensive mining and prospecting operations...began on a good Mzuzu High Court...The Kanyika community commenced the legal battle on 28th August 2017 after a series if demands towards the mining company and protests over the matter did not yield anything tangible...The company committed itself to fulfil the following undertakings: resettle all the people of Kanyika adversely affected by its operations by the year 2012 and compensate any loss and damage suffered as a result of the project...

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