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10 April 2019

Chocolate co's & MEPs call for EU due diligence regulation

Author: Fern

Major chocolate companies and MEPs are calling for the EU to pass a due diligence regulation addressing environmental and human rights impacts in commodity supply chains......

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11 January 2019
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Author: Concepcion Alvarez, Novethic (France) (copyright:

« Malgré leurs engagements, les grandes entreprises du chocolat continuent de déforester l’Afrique », 9 janvier 2019...

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7 November 2018

Commentary: Chocolate makers facing lawsuits over failure to effectively address use of child labour in cocoa supply chains

Author: Rosa Furneaux, Mother Jones (USA)

"Your Halloween Candy’s Hidden Ingredient: Child Slave Labor", 31 Oct 2018...

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5 November 2018
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Author: Marina Fabre, Novethic (France) (copyright:

« Du chocolat à la noisette, Ferrero veut du 100% durable et traçable d’ici 2020 », 5 novembre 2018...

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18 October 2018
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Author: Claudia Cohen , Le Figaro (France)

« Ces entreprises jugées responsables de la pollution plastique », 18 octobre 2018...

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5 October 2018
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Author: AFP

« En Thaïlande, la précarité des travailleurs birmans face à des agents peu scrupuleux », 4 octobre 2017...

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25 July 2018

Major US food companies establish sustainability alliance to benefit fishing communities & the environment

Author: Christine Blank, SeafoodSource

"Major US food companies form sustainability alliance", 18 July 2018...

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26 June 2018

Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin: The use of consumer protection laws for corporate accountability

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11 June 2018

Africa: Mars has no legal duty to disclose information about possible forced child labor on its product labels, rules court

Author: Bob Egelko, (Etats-Unis)

"Mars bars don’t need possible slave labor warning on wrapper, court rules", 6 June 2018...

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5 June 2018

USA: Court dismisses lawsuit against Mars over failure to disclose alleged use of child labour on its product labels

Author: Maria Dinzeo, Courthouse News (USA)

"Ninth Circuit Sides With Mars in Slave Labor Dispute", 4 June 2018...

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