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3 March 2002

Prison Blues; Starbucks, Nike, others profit from inmate labor [at U.S. prisons]

Author: Erica Barnett, In These Times

A partial list of companies that have worked within the prison system, directly employed prison workers, or contracted with companies that employ prison workers, either currently or in the past: Allstate, Best Western, Dell Computer, Eddie Bauer,...

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1 February 2002

Being seen to be green helps corporate image

Author: Michael Skapinker, Financial Times

An FT survey that gave companies plaudits for their environmental record included some surprise choices [includes reference to Body Shop, BP, Royal Dutch/Shell, Toyota, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Vivendi, Honda, Ford, Siemens, GE, IBM, Volkswagen...

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1 January 2002

[PDF] Toys Of Misery: A Report On the Toy Industry in China

Author: National Labor Committee

[reports on abusive working conditions, and calls on Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Disney, Mattel, Hasbro & McDonald's to work with their Chinese contractors to clean up the factories, guarantee that labour laws are adhered to, protect workers from unsafe...

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1 November 2001

Merton Company Limited [China] - Products: McDonalds, Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, Warner, Paramount, Franklin Mint and DC Comics Factory - Workers work 12.5 hours per day

Author: Li Qiang, China Labor Watch

There is no overtime pay...After all kinds of deductions, the average salary per hour is 13 cents. Many workers have to work 120 days consecutively before getting one day off...To fight for their rights, the workers have organized strikes, tried to...

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31 July 2001

UK McDonald's fined for under-age jobs

Author: BBC News

A franchise in Camberley, Surrey, which runs two outlets, admitted 20 offences involving the illegal employment of children under 16.

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