Press Releases

UN meeting spotlights companies’ human rights abuse in the Pacific region - 27 November 2019

Hotel sector failing to combat modern slavery and sexual exploitation, finds new study - 20 November 2019

Largest forestry companies are failing to combat forced labour in their supply chains - 13 November 2019

One year to Expo 2020, UAE’s construction industry must do more to tackle abuse of migrant workers - 20 October 2019

Construction sector shows ‘lack of action’ on tackling forced labour of workers globally, says NGO - 17 October 2019

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre to audit companies’ Modern Slavery Act compliance for UK Home Office - 27 September 2019

Renewable energy technology’s demand for minerals could fuel human rights abuse in supply chains, says NGO - 5 September 2019

BHRRC celebrates new treaty to protect workers from violence & harassment, commits to work ahead - 21 June 2019

BHRRC joins 13 NGOS to brief MPs for debate on Modern Slavery Act - 19 June 2019

Renewable energy sector can make positive contributions to UN SDGs by respecting human rights - report - 5 June 2019

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre condemns the killing of Filipino labour leader, Dennis Sequeña - 4 June 2019

Tuna brands are failing to tackle modern slavery in their Pacific supply chains, putting workers in danger - 3 June 2019

Modern Slavery Registry welcomes Independent Review’s recommendations and urges government to act - 22 May 2019

Gig economy is 'frontline in battle for labour rights', as workers go to court to demand justice - 25 March 2019

After Brumadinho, Vale should be de-listed from the UN Global Compact, say civil society groups - 12 February 2019

Hotel chains in Qatar and UAE ‘failing’ to protect migrant workers ahead of World Expo and World Cup - 29 January 2019

Construction companies in Qatar and UAE ‘failing’ to protect migrant workers ahead of World Expo and World Cup - 29 January 2019

Brumadinho dam collapse: lessons in corporate due diligence and remedy for harm done - 28 January 2019

Human rights defenders and civic freedoms essential for profitable business, say major companies - 10 December, 2018

Major Apparel and Footwear Brands Failing to Tackle the Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers - 4 December, 2018

Syrian refugees risk exploitation in west-funded construction projects in Lebanon and Jordan - 3 December, 2018

UK’s flagship anti-slavery law failing to drive change in big business - 19 November, 2018

Brazil activists in London seeking justice over Doce River disaster - 7 November, 2018

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