Mexico: Indigenous communities oppose mining company Almaden Minerals claiming lack of consultation; includes company comments

Author: Mayela Sánchez, GPJ News Mexico, Published on: 31 October 2016

“Residents in rural Mexico fight for say in mining projects operating near their land”, 27 Oct 2016

…Mexico is a prime destination for mining companies, and this has been problematic for many residents in rural communities…People who live near mining projects in Mexico are often the last to learn about them. This was the case in Tlamanca, a town in Puebla state’s mountainous region…Many residents are fearful of how mining might affect their soil and water, says [local], both basic necessities in this farming region…[A] resident…says she began hosting meetings for people of her community to inform them about a mining company seeking to work in their community… Almaden Minerals’ director of social responsibility and community attention for the mining project, says the company adheres to Mexico’s mining laws. People have the right to request information, she adds, in which case the company will fulfill its legal requirements….Unhappy with the outcome of those meetings…another Tlamanca resident, says she began hosting her own meetings to share information about the mining project with local people.The Tecoltémic community has followed another path. In 2015, it presented an injunction against the authorities who granted the concession, says [Fundar]…


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