Mexico: Indigenous communities resisting highway construction accuse police & Grupo Higa of illegally destroying their property & displacing them

On April, policemen destroyed the property of those opposing to the construction of a highway from Naucalpan to Toluca commissioned to Constructora Teya, part of Grupo Higa. The indigenous communities had rulings ordering the suspension of the road due to the lack of consultation of the project.

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre invited Grupo Higa to respond; the company did not reply.


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Company non-response
2 May 2016

Grupo Higa non response

16 April 2016

The Mexican government's favourite contractor displaces indigenous people to build a motorway

Author: SinEmbargo; translation Elenor Weekes, Global Voices

…In a single morning, the García family saw the destruction of everything they'd spent their whole lives working for. On April 11, 2016, representatives of Governor…arrived in the Otomí community of San Francisco Xochicuautla in the municipality of Lerma. They came accompanied by 700 policemen. Without a judicial order, they planned to demolish the Garcias’ home…That same day, heavy machinery belonging to hundreds of members of the Mexican Secretariat of Public Security destroyed the Camp of Peace and Dignified Resistance. This camp was created to halt the construction of the Naucalpan-Toluca motorway, commissioned by Constructora Teya, which is affiliated with the businessman Juan Armando Hinojosa's Grupo Higa...Between 40 and 50 people, children and the elderly among them, were displaced by force, according to witnesses…The locals claim it was illegal, as they have recently won two acts of protection…

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11 April 2016

This is show Higa Group swept the Otomie´s properties in Xochicuautla

Author: Gisela Martínez, Masde131

…Gisela runs through the remains, trying to remember where their important papers were: birth certificates, receipts, payroll, the checkbook may appear. The drama increases, not only have they taken his home, but without those papers he may not be able retire as he is entitled…Last Monday around 10am, at least 800 policemen from the State’s Commission of Public Safety (CES, in Spanish) surrounded the community of Xochicuautla…In the case of Xochicuautla…[the] government is not the only involved, but also the company Autovan (Autopistas de Vanguardia, S.A. de C.V.) and the construction company Teya, S.A. de C.V., part of Higa Group…

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