Mexico: Protests against Blackfire after killing of anti-mining activist - company denies involvement in killing

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8 December 2009

Canadian mine in Mexico shut down due to environmental concerns


A Mexican mine run by a Canadian company embroiled in a controversy around the death of a local activist has been shut down over environmental concerns. Carolina Ochoa of the Ministry of Environment for the state of Chiapas cited several alleged infractions by the Blackfire Exploration mine, including building roads without authorization, polluting and causing toxic emissions…[but] denied the mine's closure has anything to do with last month's murder of anti-mining activist Mariano Abarca Roblero...Three men have been arrested in Abarca's death and a document from the state's attorney general says all are linked in some way to A spokesman for Blackfire has condemned the activist's killing and said the company was in no way involved. A communique obtained by The Canadian Press on Tuesday detailed the progress being made in the criminal investigation…

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7 December 2009

Activist's killing angers Mexicans

Author: Al Jazeera English

Dozens of people have demonstrated outside the Canadian embassy in Mexico City against the killing of an anti-mining activist. The protesters blame the death of Mariano Abarca on a Canadian-owned mining company, Blackfire Exploration Ltd , which is operating in the southern Chiapas…He had long opposed Blackfire's mining in the region, saying that the company's activities had contaminated local rivers and caused the death of local crops and livestock…Blackfire has denied the company had any involvement in Abarca's death. A company spokesman said Blackfire had asked the Canadian Embassy in Mexico to intervene after receiving allegations that their employees in Chiapas were being attacked and beaten in response to the killing.

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