Migrant workers denied rights [Israel]

Author: Reuters, Published on: 23 November 2006

We were told by Yilmazlar [a Turkish manpower agency that supplies construction workers to a number of companies in Israel] that we could make up to $1,400 a month and more with overtime if we worked in Israel," [Turkish labourer Shaheen Yelmaz said]..."...However, when I arrived, my dream turned into a nightmare." Yelmaz was sharing a room with eight others...They were fed a monotonous diet of rice and lentils and there were only three toilets with no running water for 130 workers...The final straw came when Yelmaz found out that he and the other workers would only receive their first payment after three months...Yilmazlar's lawyer, Tal Benenson, told IRIN that he had affidavits signed by Yelmaz and [his friend] Tekin before a Turkish-speaking notary in Israel, admitting that they were only using Yilmazlar to get into Israel and had no intention of staying with the company once in the country.

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