Mining and arming of the Maoists [India]

Author: Human Rights Report Quaterly (Asian Centre for Human Rights), Published on: 1 September 2010

The rights activists have been opposing extractive industries including the mining companies for violations of the rights of the people, especially the Adivasis, and destruction of the environment...the hard fact that mining companies have been contributing to the arming of the armed opposition groups, mainly the Maoists, has been completely ignored. India must be ready to pay the price for allowing open arms bazaar that is facilitated by the mining industry...It is clear that 1,61,040 illegal mining have been sourcing explosives illegally...The human costs of easy access to detonators and explosives are devastating...Insurgent groups need explosives...Mining companies (both legal and illegal), operating in areas where the state cannot offer security as admitted by Home Minister P Chidambaram, are in no position to refuse when the Maoists demand explosives...[refers to National Aluminum Co., Steel Authority of India]

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