Mexico: 2 miners striking at Media Luna mine, part of Torex Gold, murdered

Two miners were killed while they were on a strike against Torex Gold. Miners of Media Luna mine, have been protesting for better working conditions and their right of free association. Torex Gold issued a press release to clarify their position.BanderadeHuelga_credit_PetroshW

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27 November 2017

United Steelworkers and Mexican mineworkers demand justice for murdered protesters in Mexico

Author: United Steellworkers (Canada)

… The United Steelworkers (USW) in Canada and the United States join the Mexican National Union of Mine, Metal, Steel and Related Workers (“Los Mineros”) in demanding justice for the families of two protesters against the Media Luna mining operations in Guerrero, Mexico, owned by the Canadian company Torex Gold Resources, who were killed on November 18… Workers at the mine have been on strike since November 3, protesting working conditions and demanding the right to join Los Mineros. The workers have been supported by residents of local communities. Members of the company-supported protection union, the CTM, have been accused of responsibility for the attacks…In addition, they state, the conflict “underscores the need for an extractive industries Ombudsperson to ensure transparency and accountability in overseas operations” of Canadian mining companies…

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21 November 2017

Torex clarifies media misinformation

Author: Fred Stanford and Gabriela Sanchez, Torex Gold Resources (Canada)

…Torex Gold Resources Inc. (the “Company” or “Torex”)…issued a statement today in response to misinformation that is being circulated by labour groups and the media.The Company was made aware of an incident that happened this past weekend in the town of Atzcala… During this incident, two men were killed in the course of a dispute. Torex confirms that the two men were not employees of the Company. With regards to operations at the Company’s ELG Mine, there is no strike. There is an illegal blockade… which arose because of a dispute between the union that legally represents the Company’s workers (the “CTM Union”) and the union that wants to represent the workers (the “Miners Union”)… for reasons the Company does not know, the Miners Union chose to organize a blockade of the ELG Mine and threaten the unionized workers to stop all activities. Of the Company’s unionized workers, approximately 15% have been participating in the illegal blockade. The remaining unionized workers continue to be paid at a reduced rate, but have been sent home for safety reasons…

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