Mobile company eyes girl education drive [Tanzania]

Author: Abduel Elinaza, Daily News [Tanzania], Published on: 18 November 2010

Experts say the girls’ education and the promotion of gender equality in education are vital to promoting national development...Enter Zain Tanzania. The mobile phone giantt has just come up with an motivated plan aimed at supporting girls to acquire basic education in Tanzania...The firm...which will soon be known as Bharti Airtel, empowering girls in need of education. “We are running similar programs in India and have seen what effect that has had on the society. We are confident we can achieve similar levels of change in Tanzania,” says the Zain Tanzania Managing Director Sam Elangalloor...[T]he educated woman stands a better chance of getting a job, and hence be able to sustain her life even without the support of other family members of their husbands.

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