Mozambique: 11 people die after mine tunnel collapses

Author: Africa Feeds (Ghana) , Published on: 10 February 2020

‘11 miners die after tunnel collapse’ 7 February 2020

Officials in Mozambique have confirmed the death of eleven ruby miners in northern Mozambique. The miners were trapped after the mine tunnel collapsed this week in Cabo Delgado province’s Montepuez district. The first mine tunnel collapse occurred on Tuesday and although the eleven miners were aware, they continued digging. Obete Matine, the general inspector at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, said shortly after there was a second collapse and two more people died.

According to Mozambique officials, the victims of the disaster were young people The illegal mine was dug in an area allocated to Montepuez Ruby Mining, a company which is 75% owned by UK firm Gemfields. African countries where mining takes place continue to report of such mine collapse killing illegal miners who ignore all safety rules. In Zimbabwe this week, two illegal miners died with at least 20 more miners still trapped underground.

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