Mozambique: Jubilee Debt Campaign and partners request urgent intl aid after deaths and other tragic impacts of Cyclone Idai, and relate disaster to climate change and exploitation of gas

Author: Jubilee Debt Campaign (United Kingdom), Published on: 20 March 2019

“Mozambique needs urgent action on debt crisis following Cyclone Idai”, 20 March 2019

Cyclone Idai has caused huge destruction and loss of life in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The true extent of the disaster is not yet known. Below are reactions from partner organisations of Jubilee Debt Campaign in Mozambique, followed by reaction from Jubilee Debt Campaign: Anabela Lemos from Justiça Ambiental In Mozambique said:...[“T]he people of Mozambique need emergency response and support right now to survive this crisis. But this is also a harsh reminder that the climate crisis is upon us and developed countries need to urgently reduce their emissions and stop funding fossil fuels. Right now, UK Export Finance is considering funding the exploitation of gas in Mozambique. We need support for people-centred renewable energy instead.”Denise Namburete from the Budget Monitoring Forum in Mozambique said:…[“T]here is no way this country can rebuild itself from the magnitude of the impact of the Cyclone Idai without overcoming the corrupt culture and norm which drains essential resources for resilient public infrastructure that could save lives and enable development.”…[T]im Jones, Head of Policy at the Jubilee Debt Campaign, UK said:…[“T]he international community must respond urgently with grants to help Mozambique cope with the disaster and rebuild afterwards without having to take on more debt… [A]ll money for disaster relief and reconstruction must come as grants rather than loans, and Mozambique may need further debt relief as well as not paying any of the $2 billion of secret debts”…

[It refers to Credit Suisse and VTB]

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