Myanmar: Agencies victimise workers by sending them to Thailand without guarantee of getting jobs

Author: Zaw Zaw Htwe, Myanmar Times, Published on: 1 June 2019

"Unscrupulous employment agencies prey on workers despite agreements", 28 May 2019

...A licensed agency and the MoU system are no guarantees that you can secure the job you apply for. Migrant rights groups said many workers have been victimised by dishonest agencies that send workers to Thailand even though no jobs are waiting for them.

...60 migrant workers...flew to work as installers at the aluminium-frame factory.

...[W]hen they reached Bangkok their prospective employer refused to give them work. The company did allow them to stay at the factory while they were looking for other jobs but they were seldom given food.

...Under the MoU, employment agencies collect K150,000 and 3600 baht in fees from each worker to pay the Thai government for visas, work permits, and medical insurance.

...[M]igrant rights activists said that most agencies do not help the workers they send to Thailand if they run into trouble.

...Dishonest agencies send workers to Thailand even without knowing if they'll get jobs there because it is so profitable....

"Myanmar agencies know that if they can send workers to Thailand, they'll make a profit," U Aung Kyaw said.

..."This needs to be investigated. Action must be taken against these unscrupulous agencies," said Ko Aung Kyaw Myint, chief of CTUM's migration department....


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