Myanmar: Court reduces sentence of ten activists imprisoned for protesting against China-backed oil & gas pipeline project

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25 October 2013

Court Reduces Prison Time for Detained Arakanese Activists [Myanmar]

Ten Arakanese activists who were sentenced to three months imprisonment...for organizing…[a] protest against the Chinese-backed Shwe oil and gas pipeline, have had their sentences shortened by one month during an appeal hearing...Burmese civil society organizations have documented numerous human rights abuses and negative social impacts along the path of the project, while thousands of villagers have complained of land confiscation without adequate compensation and an increased military presence…Burmese authorities have dealt harshly with local dissent against the unpopular project…[refers to China National Petroleum Corporation]

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26 September 2013

Myanmar Jails Activists Over Protest Against China-Led Petroleum Project

Author: Min Thein Aung & Kyaw Thu, Radio Free Asia

A court in Myanmar…ordered 10 activists jailed for three months each for participating in a demonstration against a China-backed petroleum pipeline project…About 300…mobbed the court…demanding the release of the activists who had joined hundreds in April in protesting against the Shwe project over inadequate compensation and demands that its developer provide better transportation infrastructure and higher salaries for local workers. The 10 were…convicted under Article 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Law, a much criticized legislation which requires a permit for demonstrations and which rights groups say is being used by the government to silence critics…[refers to China National Petroleum Corporation and Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise]

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Company response
3 August 2013

Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) response to reports on alleged human rights impacts of Shwe gas & Myanmar-China oil transport projects

Author: Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

[Unofficial translation of title and text from original Chinese provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre] …[T]he land acquisition and compensation work shall at all times be in accordance with the laws and regulations of Myanmar; land acquisition along the pipeline shall not take villagers' arable land, or take as little arable land as case certain villagers do not agree with the land acquisition, the pipeline shall bypass their land by changing its route; the principle of "compensate villagers first, and then use the land" is followed…Standard procedures are in place for calculation of compensation…The …pipeline project is a non-polluting ecological project, with no emissions, no discharge of polluted water or any other discharge of pollutants…EIA…was carried out by the Thailand-based company IEM…[T]he design and construction of the Myanmar-China pipeline and crude oil terminal project have adopted high international engineering standards, with a strict monitoring and prevention solution in place in their operations management…

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