Myanmar: Jade mining resumes for companies with unexpired permits

Author: Chan Mya Htwe, Myanmar Times, Published on: 6 October 2019

"Mining to resume at suspended jade blocks," 07 October 2017

Jade mining at private blocks in Lonekhin and Hpakant, Kachin State, which had been temporarily suspended since July, have been permitted to resume...according to Myanmar Gems Enterprise, which is under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

The suspension was ordered during the rainy season...While mining permits for some blocks in the gem tract areas have been expiring progressively since April 2016 some blocks have valid terms lasting until 2020, the ministry said.

 However, the government will continue its current policy of not renewing permits that have expired. This is because excessive mining in Hpakant and Lonekhin had led to environmental damage and social issues in the surrounding areas, locals said. The mining area is also notorious for landslides, which have been fatal in the past. 

The move is also to ensure that further environmental damage does not occur. Mining will be permitted to continue only after new legislation for gemstones has been enforced...

The Myanmar Gemstone Law was enacted in Parliament in January this year. However, no new mining sites have been made available.


Note from Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: In 2016, jade mining was also suspended in Myanmar and we followed that story: Myanmar: Govt. halts jade mining permits until legal framework is reformed

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