Nepal: Nepali migrant workers may face competition as Malaysia looks to other countries to import security jobs

Author: Chandan Kumar Mandal, Kathmandu Post, Published on: 9 February 2020

"Nepal may lose Malaysian security jobs as Malaysia mulls hiring workers from Pakistan", 10 February 2020

...According to reports, the South East Asian country is currently in a bid to import workers for security jobs from countries other than Nepal as well.

Malaysia is in negotiations with Pakistan to bring in Pakistani workers for security jobs, media reports say.

Negotiations have intensified in the recent weeks, and both countries are discussing the possibility of hiring nearly 150,000 security guards in Malaysia, reported The Nation, a Pakistani English daily...

The development can seriously affect Nepal’s labour market in Malaysia, which has been one of the most popular labour destination countries among Nepali workers, according to experts and officials familiar with the development.

For years, security sector jobs have been reserved for Nepali migrant workers.

...Malaysia, however, recognised Nepal as a source country for foreign workers only in 2001.... Malaysia, however, has been an attractive destination among Nepalis for the jobs in the security sector in recent years after the country saw an economic boom.

..Malaysia and Pakistan are expected to formalise the possibility of hiring Pakistani guards during the upcoming visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to Kuala Lumpur. Both countries are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding during Khan’s visit...

...A 2019 report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) concluded that Malaysians still harboured negative and false perceptions about migrant workers and extended low support for their rights...


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