Nepal: Over 5% of Nepal's population are highly vulnerable to human trafficking, national rights body says

Author: Nepal 24 Hours, Published on: 7 January 2020

"1.5 Million Nepalese Vulnerable To Human Trafficking, Says Nepal’s National Rights Body", 8 January 2020

...From among the 1.5 million vulnerable people, 35,000 are “sold” every year for human trafficking to engage in difficult and danger foreign employments, adult entertainment and child labor activities, added a recent [National Human Rights Commission] NHRC report on the situation of human rights in Nepal...

...As per the data of Nepal Police Headquarters, a total of 1,005 legal cases of human trafficking were filed in the past 4 years. In these cases, 1,176 culprits were also arrested. Among the arrested, 46 are foreign nationals.

In these 1,005 cases, 322 women traffickers were also involved, while 743 traffickers are still absconding.

....Traffickers use various routes for various destinations. For instance, they use Kathmandu- New Delhi – Mizoram – Sri Lanka route to traffic to Gulf countries. Likewise, they use Dubai-Libya-Italy route to traffic to Europe. Similarly, they use Nepal- New Delhi – Dubai route to traffic to African countries.
For trafficking into the U.S., the traffickers first fly the victims from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal to New Delhi, India. The flight from New Delhi is then destined for Moscow (Russia) followed by Spain (Europe) and then to Ecuador (South America)...

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