Nepali slaves in the Middle East - video

Author: Pete Pattison, Guardian [UK], Published on: 12 April 2011

Pete Pattison investigates the trafficking of people escaping poverty and conflict in Nepal. Unscrupulous agents take huge sums of money from them for work abroad then consign them to slavery and appalling conditions in the Middle East. Many are abused by their employers and some are killed at the hands of agents. [Transcript:] "The exploitation begins at the hands of recruitment agents...Hundreds of local agents promise hopeful migrants generous salaries overseas, but too often these promises prove empty...[After migrant workers pay sums equivalent to thousands of dollars to agents], the company described in the agreement will not be there. In a different company they will be underpaid...and deprived of...basic facilities...Regardless of the risks, thousands of Nepalis will continue to leave in the hope of a better life, but as long as labour laws and workers' right are ignored, many will find the cost of living is even higher overseas."

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