New book: Megaprojects, local communities & strategic litigation in 9 global South countries

Author: Dejusticia, Published on: 23 August 2017

“Fighting the tide. Human rights and environmental justice in the Global South”

Introduction Human Rights in the Anthropocene: New Practices and Narratives on Human Rights and the Environment from the Global South (César Rodríguez-Garavito); 1. The Role of Financial Institutions in Promoting Environmental (In)justice: The Brazilian Development Bank and the Belo Monte Dam [Caio Borges (Brazil)]; 2. Relational Practices: Pacto’s Good-Faith Community Referendum and the Story of a Mining Conflict in the Cloud Forests of Ecuador [Gabriela León Cobo (Ecuador)]; 3. Dissent against “Development”: The Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ Fight for Self-Determined Progress [Mary Louise Dumas (Philippines)];  4. Saving Lamu [Sylvia Kithinji(Kenya)]; 5. Maya Beekeepers Stand Upto Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Soy [Karen Hudlet (Mexico)]; 6. Of Love, Privilege, and Autonomy [Arjun Kapoor(India)]; 7. Stained Gold: A Story of Human Rights Violations in Ghana’s Mining Industry [Richard Ellimah (Ghana)]; 8. Garrote and Venice: Development, Decent Housing, and Human Rights in Argentina [Pétalla Brandão Timo (Brazil/Argentina)]; 9. Lost in Translation: Toward an Environmental Right to Know for All [Margaretha Quina (Indonesia)]; 10. On the Margins of the River, Margins of Institutions: The Xingu People and the Belo Monte Dam [Rodrigo Magalhaes de Oliveira*(Brazil)]; 11. Environmentalism and the Urban Jungle: Conflicting Rights and Contradictory Visions [Darshana Mitra (India)]; 12. Agrochemicals: Uncertainty in a Dialogue between Policy, Law, and Society [Yamile Eugenia Najle (Argentina)]. [Refers to BNDES, Enami-EP; A Brown, TVI Resource Development (part of TVI Pacific), Monsanto, AngloGold Ashanti, Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd (part of Newmont); TGLT (part of PDG), IKPP Serang (part of Asia Pulp &Paper), Consorcio Nórte Energía, Verdol SA].

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