New BSCI code gives greater emphasis to engagement of workers & establishment of grievance mechanisms

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3 February 2014

New BSCI code of conduct supports companies towards more successful business practices

Author: Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

The year 2014 marks the launch of BSCI's new Code of Conduct…While the BSCI Code still calls on producers to comply with the most important labour standards as set by national laws and ILO Core Conventions, two new principles have been added: Ethical Behaviour…No Precarious Employment…The new BSCI Code also gives greater emphasis to the engagement of workers and their representatives, as well as establishing grievance mechanisms as a key means to promote improvements in working conditions. BSCI will continue to support companies through a variety of training sessions to build on business partners' and workers' knowledge and achieve greater results. In this way, each and every actor in the supply chain is empowered to take proactive responsibility in improving working conditions…BSCI strongly believes that the new code better empowers all actors to tackle the modern challenges of a globalised supply chain and better reflects their sincere interest in improving working conditions at every opportunity.

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Author: 倡議商界遵守社會責任組織(BSCI)

新修訂版本…加入兩項新的原則。商業合作夥伴必須遵守包括收集及溝通準確的公司信息,以及反貪等道德行為。商業夥伴要確保員工依從國家法律,持有有效工作合同證明,並了解他們作為員工的權益,防止不穩定的就業…新修訂的BSCI行為準則亦重視工人及其代表的參與,以及建立申訴機製作為改善工作條件的重要途徑。 BSCI將繼續通過各種培訓活動,豐富商業夥伴和工人的知識以支持企業取得更佳的成績…BSCI堅信,新修訂的行為準則能賦予所有行動者更好的能力,解決現代全球化的供應鏈的挑戰,以及更確切地反映他們對於每個改善工作條件的機會的誠摯決心。

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Author: 倡议商界遵守社会责任组织 (BSCI)

新修订版本…加入两项新的原则。商业合作伙伴必须遵守包括收集及沟通准确的公司信息,以及反贪等道德行为。商业伙伴要确保员工依从国家法律,持有有效工作合同证明,并了解他们作为员工的权益,防止不稳定的就业…新修订的BSCI行为准则亦重视工人及其代表的参与,以及建立申诉机制作为改善工作条件的重要途径。 BSCI将继续通过各种培训活动,丰富商业伙伴和工人的知识以支持企业取得更佳的成绩…BSCI坚信,新修订的行为准则能赋予所有行动者更好的能力,解决现代全球化的供应链的挑战,以及更确切地反映他们对于每个改善工作条件的机会的诚挚决心。

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