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16 May 2013
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Author: Peuples solidaires & Collectif Ethique sur l’étiquette (France)

Les marques leaders de l’habillement dans le monde s’engagent à mettre en œuvre l’Accord sur les incendies et la sécurité des bâtiments au Bangladesh avant la date butoir fixée à minuit le 15 mai. L’Accord s’applique désormais à plus de 1000 usines d...

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15 May 2013

Walmart refuses to join worker safety deal [Bangladesh]

Author: Simon Neville, Guardian [UK]

Walmart has confirmed it will not sign up to a legally binding agreement on worker safety and building regulations in Bangladesh…[T]he…retail giant has created its own agreement, which it claims goes beyond the current accord…The company…said the deal...

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14 May 2013

Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety released [Bangladesh]

Author: IndustriALL Global Union

Ahead of the midnight deadline, at least 24 garment and retail brands sourcing from Bangladesh have agreed to sign on to the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. IndustriALL, UNI Global Union and their NGO partners are expecting further...

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30 April 2013

[PDF] The Catastrophe of Bangladesh - An emblematic case of global capitalism

Author: Alejandro Teitelbaum, Jus Semper Global Alliance

In this brief…[Alejandro Teitelbaum, former Permanent Representative to the UN for the American Association of Jurists]…analyses the catastrophe that occurred in Bangladesh in a building where more than 3000 people worked and where almost a third died...

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28 September 2011

Clean Clothes Campaign calls on fashion companies to ban sandblasting

Author: Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

On 13 February 2011 Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) launched Stop the Killer Jeans! campaign, calling on leading fashion manufacturers and retailers to ban sandblasting - a technique for producing denim garments with an artificially worn look. CCC...

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24 May 2011

Industry call to action: Call for a global ban on apparel sandblasting

Author: International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation

In July 2010, after the impact of sandblasting on workers’ health had come under scrutiny in Turkey, the ITGLWF called for a ban on this process. The ban is an important step toward ensuring that no worker – in any garment factory – faces the threat...

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8 November 2010

Retail giants shamed by UK sweatshops

Author: Martin Hickman, Independent [UK]

...[A] reporter for Channel 4’s Dispatches worked undercover in workshops in Leicester...[He] found: "dangerous, pressurised sweatshop conditions”; pay at half the legal minimum wage; workers exhorted to work faster under threat of the sack; cramped...

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9 July 2010

[PDF] Asda: poverty guaranteed; Why Asda should pay women clothing workers a living wage

Author: ActionAid

Asda has its sights trained on becoming Britain’s number one cheap fashion retailer. But…it’s falling behind in its efforts to improve conditions for women workers in poor countries, whose wages are keeping them trapped in poverty…Asda has not...

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5 July 2010

ActionAid report raises living wage concerns at garment factories in Bangladesh supplying Asda (part of Wal-Mart)

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7 October 2009

High street retailers accused of exploiting workers in Asia

Author: Huma Qureshi & Rebecca Smithers, Guardian [UK]

...The report, “Let's Clean Up Fashion: the State of Pay Behind the UK High Street”, published by sweatshop campaigning group Labour Behind the Label, criticised UK retailers for having "no coherent strategy" to ensure hundreds of thousands of workers...

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