Nicaragua: Workers of textile company Tecnotex on trial after protesting for improved working conditions

In June 2016, workers of South Korean textile company, Tecnotex, protested for better worker conditions. During the manifestations, the police detained some of the workers who currently are on trial. NGO and Unions have condemned these actions. 


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9 December 2016

Nicaragua dances to South Korean tune as union protest is criminalised

Author: Stephen Russell, Stronger Unions

Nicaragua’s good recent reputation on union freedom and workers’ rights has taken a massive blow as twelve workers, including young union activist  face gaol after riot police stormed their protest at an Enterprise Processing Zone (EPZ) in the country’s capital, Managua…In this case, workers were complaining about conditions at the South Korean-owned Tecnotex factory, demanding access to things like drinking water and health care, as well as more realistic production targets. The South Korean company clearly viewed the request for such luxuries are wholly unacceptable, and fired the union leadership…According to reports, “police arbitrarily and indiscriminately detained a dozen workers.”…South Korea’s record on workers’ rights has seen them ranked by the ITUC as the worst a country can be without suffering a total breakdown of the rule of law…

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2 December 2016

Nicaragua: labour conflict criminalized as protesting workers found guilty

Author: IndustriALL

…The twelve workers are awaiting sentencing, and could receive up to three years in prison. The workers were arrested in June 2016 when riot police stormed a peaceful protest outside the SAE-A Tecnotex factory in a free trade zone in Tipitapa, Managua…The South Korean-owned factory employs 3,000 workers, and produces garments for export to companies in the United States, including Kohls, Target, JC Penney and Walmart. Tensions had been growing for some time, with workers demanding access to drinking water, health care and realistic production targets…The conflict escalated when two leaders…were fired…In a move never before seen in Nicaragua’s free trade zones, riot police were sent to quell the disturbance…IndustriALL general secretary…wrote to the chairman of SAE-A Tecnotex…calling on the company to drop separate charges against the trade union leaders…

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