No talk of strike, but Durham bus drivers fired up about bus safety [USA]

Author: Sujata Jain, Walb News 10 [USA], Published on: 17 April 2013

[B]us drivers described their day-to-day working conditions. "I go home and cry because there are days I don't know if I'm going to make it," says Claudia Herring, a Durham bus driver...bus drivers and monitors...say the...buses are unsafe and maintenance minimal to non-existent...Some drivers say there is little respect for the tremendous job at hand. "I feel that working with children, we gotta be very careful working with kids..." And the union's president says safety concerns were addressed during contract negotiations...Durham released the following statement..."Durham school services just concluded extensive collective bargaining negotiations with the Teamsters...Teamsters made no specific safety proposals over months of discussions. We are trying to better understand the focus of the union meeting and the concerns being raised. Durham takes the safety of its passengers and employees very seriously. We have a clear process in place for drivers to report any concerns with bus safety, services or working conditions..."

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