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5 November 2013
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Author: Magali Reinert, Novethic (France) (copyright: www.novethic.fr)

Alors que les maladies tropicales comme le paludisme tuent encore des centaines de milliers de personnes chaque année, beaucoup sont encore négligées par l'industrie pharmaceutique. Pour apporter des traitements aux populations les plus pauvres qui...

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1 September 2013

Russia: The mirage of Swiss clinical trials

Author: Berne Declaration

Despite the difficulties in trying to expose clinical trials conducted in Russia, the information and witnesses’ accounts...led us to conclude that the Russian system for conducting and monitoring clinical trials is far from perfect...Contrary to the...

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26 June 2013

Malaria experts meet in Kampala to expand access to quality-assured antimalarial treatment

Author: Henry Neondo, Africa Science News (Kenya)

Experts from 25 countries across Africa are meeting, at the 12th annual National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) Best Practice Sharing Workshop in Kampala, to discuss the problem of sub-standard antimalarials in Africa and address key topics and...

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20 June 2013

Case profile: Apartheid reparations lawsuits (re So. Africa)

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre case profile for lawsuit against 20 banks and corporations regarding reparations for alleged complicity of the defendants in abuses committed by the South African Apartheid regime.]

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14 May 2013

Patent wars: has India taken on Big Pharma and won?

Author: Tim Smedley, Guardian [UK]

On 1 April, pharma giant Novartis lost a six-year legal battle after the Indian supreme court ruled that small changes to its leukaemia drug Glivec did not deserve a new patent.…And only one month before, India upheld a compulsory licence of Bayer's...

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12 May 2013

Drugs giants used Communist East Germany for 'illegal' trials

Author: Tony Paterson, Independent [UK]

Leading Western pharmaceutical companies paid millions of pounds to former Communist East Germany to use more that 50,000 patients in state-run hospitals as unwitting guinea pigs for drug tests in which several people died, it was revealed...An...

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29 April 2013

5 Take-Home Points From India’s Historic Novartis Patent Case

Author: Arvind Subramanian, Asian Scientist (Singapore)

...[T]he Indian Supreme Court dismissed the attempt by Novartis...to obtain patent protection for...Glivec...The verdict follows the Indian Patent Office’s decision last month to grant an Indian drug manufacturer a compulsory licence to sell a generic...

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15 April 2013

Why Novartis case will help innovation [India]

Author: Achal Prabhala & Sudhir Krishnaswamy, in Hindu (India)

[T]he Supreme Court upheld the Intellectual Property Appellate Board’s decision to deny patent protection to Novartis’s application…[T]he…judgment effectively recast Indian patent law as being nuanced and original…[T]he global gold rush for patents...

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8 April 2013

India’s Patently Wise Decision

Author: Joseph E. Stiglitz & Arjun Jayadev, Project Syndicate

The Indian Supreme Court’s refusal to uphold the patent on Gleevec, the blockbuster cancer drug developed by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, is good news for many of those in India suffering from cancer. If other developing countries follow...

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3 April 2013

Novartis Defeat Revives Debate Over Patents' Life Span [India]

Author: Lisa Shuchman, Corporate Counsel [USA]

When India's Supreme Court ruled this week that Novartis AG's cancer drug Gleevec was not sufficiently innovative to merit a patent, public health advocates lauded the decision, which they said would give more people access to needed drugs, and Big...

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