Nwoya man cursed by oil [Uganda]

Author: Oil in Uganda, Published on: 8 December 2013

...Douglas Oluoch sought to cash in on the oil activities that were taking place in his village in 2008, when he allowed a Heritage official...to bury waste...in his land. Oluoch was paid three hundred dollars and the waste was buried in a square pit...Five years later, he is shunned by the local community which accuses him of putting the entire village at risk...They believe that the waste...is slowly seeping into the underground water and soon, they will all be ill...Traders in the nearby market have also unanimously shunned produce from Oluoch’s garden...Total, which inherited this problem from Tullow in a farm-down deal...had indicated it had plans to relocate the waste to a temporary waste facility...“The management of this waste will be according to the guidelines that NEMA and PEPD will provide on the basis of the laboratory analysis carried out,” wrote Ahlem Friga-Noy, the Corporate Affairs Manager. “Currently, guidelines are being finalised and as soon as they are released to Total E&P Uganda, necessary and appropriate measures will be undertaken.”

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