NYT: Consulting firms played "critical roles" in Saudi Crown Prince's power grab

Author: Michael Forsythe, Mark Mazzetti, Ben Hubbard and Walt Bogdanich, The New York Times, Published on: 5 November 2018

"Consulting Firms Keep Lucrative Saudi Alliance, Shaping Crown Prince’s Vision", 4 November 2018

... [W]hile Mr. Khashoggi’s death prompted investors from around the globe to distance themselves from the Saudi government, Booz Allen and its competitors McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group have stayed close after playing critical roles in Prince Mohammed’s drive to consolidate power... Booz Allen trains the Saudi Navy as it runs a blockade in the war in Yemen, a disaster that has threatened millions with starvation. McKinsey produced a report that may have aided Mr. Qahtani’s crackdown on dissidents. BCG advises Prince Mohammed’s foundation... [McKinsey's] report singling out the kingdom’s prominent online critics drew widespread condemnation when The Times revealed it last month... McKinsey said it was “horrified” at the possibility that its information could have been misused... In a statement, BCG said it focused in Saudi Arabia on work that could “positively contribute to economic and societal transformation” and that the company has turned down work that goes against that principle. The firm declines projects that involve military or intelligence strategy, a spokesman said... Booz Allen also advises the Saudi Army; it won a contract to help with logistics, including maintaining the Saudis’ Abrams tanks. In a statement, Booz Allen said that it had provided no support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, and that the company coordinates with the American government to ensure that its work “is consistent with U.S. foreign policy and trade regulations”...

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