Oman: Construction co undergoing liquidation allegedly leaves 600 workers stranded in camps & without wages; incl. liquidator's non-response

An in-depth article published by Migrant Rights entitled "One of Oman’s richest construction companies leaves its workers in dire straits" alleges that Omani construction company Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting Co. - currently undergoing liquidation -  violated the rights of migrant workers previously employed by the company.

Migrant Rights reported that Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting Co. had not paid the wages of its 600 workers for the past 10 months. The article also alleges that workers are facing shortages of food and drinking water and have had their passports withheld.

The article outlines the "basic demands [that] have been made of the liquidators for immediate redressal" by the workers' lawyer, including to "assist with food, health, and wellbeing of workers; return their passports and provide an unconditional NOC, and to waive all overstay fines so workers can return home."

Migrant Rights and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre both invited the liquidator, Hamad Al Sharji Peter Mansour & Co. to respond. The company did not respond.

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Company non-response
7 May 2019

Hamad Al Sharji Peter Mansour & Company did not respond

6 May 2019

Oman: Top construction company leave its workers in dire straits following liquidation

Author: Migrant Rights

"One of Oman’s richest construction companies leaves its workers in dire straits", April 25th, 2019

For the past 10 months, about 650 employees of the Hasan Juma Backer Trading and Contracting company (HJB) have not received their wages. Most of their visas have now expired, and they don’t leave the overcrowded camp in fear of being picked up by police. Though the company failed to renew their work permits, it is the workers who bear the liability of paying their overstay fines to exit the country or face prosecution. As of 5 March 2019, the catering company that provided food to the labour camps terminated its services, as HJB had not cleared dues of tens of thousands of rials. contacted the liquidators, Hamad Al Sharji Peter Mansour & Co, and had not received a response at the time of publishing this piece.

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