Online abuse against women: social media companies must act, says Amnesty International

Author: Amnesty International, Published on: 20 November 2017

" Amnesty reveals alarming impact of online abuse against women ", 20 Nov 2017

New research by Amnesty International has revealed the alarming impact that abuse and harassment on social media are having on women...

Last month women around the world boycotted Twitter for a day...[because of]Twitter’s inadequate response to abuse on the platform...Much of the online abuse experienced by women] clearly violated Twitter’s community standards and yet it had not been removed.

...Social media platforms, especially for women and marginalized groups, are a critical space for individuals to exercise the right to freedom of expression. Online violence and abuse are a direct threat...

...Social media platforms explicitly state that they do not tolerate targeted abuse on the basis of a person’s gender or other forms of identity, and they now need to enforce their own community standards. They should also enable and empower users to utilize individual security and privacy measures...

Social media companies must also ensure that moderators are trained in identifying gender and other identity-related threats and abuse on their platforms.

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