OOO Stroitel (owned by Elitkompleks) re: death threats to environmental defender Yaroslav Nikitenko in Russia

On 12 April, Yaroslav Nikitenko, found entrance of his apartment sprayed with graffiti reading “Shut the hell up or…”, the phrase accompanied by a drawing of a gravestone bearing Nikitenko's name. It was encircled by black crosses. Nikitenko, a 29-year old physicist working at the Institute for Nuclear Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences, hass been campaigning against the building of a luxury residential complex at 21 Zhivopisnaya street. Nikitenko is sure that his campaign against this project is the reason behind this death threat. Nikitenko previously fought alongside the renowned ecological protester Evgenia Chirikova to oppose a planned Moscow-St Petersburg highway through the Khimki forest in northwest Moscow. Resource Centre invited OOO Stroitel to respond, it did not.

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