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Over 200 disabled people in the province [San Juan, Argentina] are working

Author: Mónica Martín, Diario De Cuyo [Argentina] , Published on: 29 June 2006

[Original article in Spanish. Title translation, and following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.] The fact that just over 200 of the 16.000 registered disabled people in San Juan province are working does not seem an impressive statistic, but in fact San Jan is one of the regions with the highest proportion of disabled people working. The national government has highlighted the area as a good example. One of the special schools in San Juan, Fortabat, has a training and workplace inclusion programme. The school has a contract agreement with Hiper Libertad, Falabella, Valdivieso y Debandi and San Martín.

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