Pakistan: Child labour continues to destroy lives

Author: Shazia Mehboob, Express Tribune [Pakistan], Published on: 16 August 2015

Haider Ali is among millions of children in Pakistan who are involved in labour work at an age when they should be in school. The 12-year-old spends his day at an auto-mechanic shop, assisting his ‘master’ in repairing motorcycles and spends his night in a small rented room along with two other children...The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child’s 2014 report revealed that there are around 25 million children who are out of school, which constitutes nearly half of the child population in the country...There are no official statistics available on underage employment in the country. However, various sources have projected a significantly high number of child labourers in Pakistan, as 12 million (ILO), 10 million (Unicef) and 9.86 million (Child Rights Movement). Globally, Pakistan is ranked number three with high prevalence of forced and child labour.


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