[PDF] Business & Human Rights in Southeast Asia: Recommendations on thematic priorities and possible activities for the UN Working Group

Author: Singapore Management Univ. Asian Peace-building and Rule of Law Programme, and Mazars, Published on: 8 December 2011

First, it is necessary…for the principles set out in the UN ‘Protect, Remedy and Respect’ Framework (‘UN Framework’) and the GPs [Guiding Principles] to be embedded into the shared…norms and values that are being formulated to apply across ASEAN, particularly the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration that is currently being drafted…Second, there is a growing corpus of ASEAN-specific expert resources…We set out in the next section developments in SEA [Southeast Asia] that have implications for business and human rights, and our plans for helping ensure that Governments and businesses have access to and benefit from expert resources required for the proper and uniform implementation of the GPs…In the following sections, we share our thoughts on specific business and human rights issues in SEA, namely: (i) the rule of law, (ii) the role of ASEAN stock exchange regulators, banks and financial institutions, (iii) indigenous peoples and the right to development, (iv) extractive industries, and (v) lessons from SEA on heighted-risk situations. [refers to Asia Pulp & Paper Group (part of Sinar Mas), Freeport McMoRan, Bursa Malaysia, Singapore Exchange]

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