[PDF] Conflict Risk Network calls on Italian oil company to ensure it's not fueling Qaddafi [Libya]

Author: Conflict Risk Network, Published on: 31 July 2011

A group of institutional investors...sent a letter this week to Italian oil firm Saras S.p.A., urging it to ensure its products do not facilitate violence committed by Muammar Qaddafi’s regime in Libya..."They have a responsibility to respect human rights, and under UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights this means avoiding complicity in abuses committed by others..." [said Shin Furuya of Domini Social Investments]...Saras...had explained that its product onboard the NATO-intercepted vessel was a blending component for gasoline and that it complies with applicable restrictive measures concerning Libya. The company declined, however, to...provide information on any due diligence procedures it may undertake to prevent its products from reaching the Qaddafi regime. Saras S.p.A. maintained that upon loading its product, buyers assume responsibility for end use..."Upholding the responsibility to respect human rights in this situation calls for heightened due diligence and practical steps such as asking buyers whether they are supplying Qaddafi” [said Conflict Risk Network’s Director, Melany Grout].

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