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[PDF] Evaluation of The Rapid Environmental Impact Assessments - The Proposed Capacity Expansion of Bauxite Mines at Baphlimali Plateau Rayagada/Kalahandi District, Orissa - The Proposed Capacity Expansion of Utkal Refinery, Doraguhra, Rayagada...

Author: Mark Chernaik, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, Published on: 1 October 2006

..I evaluated the Rapid Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) submitted by Utkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL) [joint venture Hindalco (part of Aditya Birla) & Alcan] for...1) Proposed Capacity Expansion of Bauxite Baphlimali Plateau Rayagada/Kalahandi District, Orissa...and 2) the Proposed Capacity Expansion of Utkal Refinery, Orissa...UAIL’s proposed refinery would be a major source of air pollution...UAIL underestimates the amount of SO2 that the proposed refinery would emit...UAIL fails to account for mercury emissions...UAIL fails to consider using natural gas...UAIL fails to present measures necessary to protect groundwater and soil contamination...

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