[PDF] Follow-Up Statement: United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights 4-5 December 2012, Geneva

Author: IPIECA, Published on: 1 December 2012

IPIECA supports a balanced approach to implementation of the GPs. We place due emphasis on the State Duty to Protect, as well as the Corporate Responsibility to Respect, to reinforce the differentiated, but complementary responsibilities of states and business and create a level playing field for national and international companies. We also encourage the UN Human Rights Council and UN Working Group to take further measures to help host governments develop their capacity to exercise their Duty to Protect. Some of the measures may include (i) creating effective legislature and independent judicial branches; (ii) encouraging governments to recognizing and implement international human rights conventions; (iii) raising awareness among public servants on human rights issues. With our operational experience of business and human rights challenges and opportunities, IPIECA remains accessible to provide technical knowledge and participate in consultations on the State Duty to Protect.

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